Located just north of Knoxville, Tennessee off I-75, Norris Lake is the largest of the TVA lakes with over 800 miles of shoreline and a surface area of nearly 35,000 acres. Norris Lake is well known for its fishing, water sports, and boating on it's deep, clean water.

Norris Lake water quality is the cleanest and highest rated TVA lake with approximately 96% purity and is crystal clear with 25 ft. of visibility! The water color is a beautiful teal. Most of the people who live in the Clinch-Powell watershed depend on the river system for drinking water and other benefits.

Approximately 75% of Norris Lake shoreline is controlled by Tennessee Valley Authority and the State of Tennessee and are designated Wildlife Management Areas, and State Parks, which means they cannot be developed into real estate. 

Talk to anyone that has been here and they will tell you Norris Lake second to none!

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